“I want to express my thankfulness for the great course and hospitality! I will highly recommend to everybody this course”
Grisha Domakowski, bTEC foundation in Barcelona


“I received real positive feedback on the trainings.”
Walter Persyn, Training Coordinator, Fusion For Energy


“I am repeating myself but, congratulations for the good job, we were all very satisfied with the course.”
NBI-team Fusion For Energy


“Your lectures were very well presented. In a constructive sequence. With a final lecture that sums up the preceded lectures really good…  …To come to an end: It was enlightening to join FA.”
Richard Greiss, technician in Chemical Industry


“Acquiring knowledge outside my own field of expertise was a great way to see the big picture and get new insights for connections to my work.”
Olga Star, technical coordinator ITER Organisation


“I thought the course was comprehensive and very well presented, with interesting participants and in a unique hotel to complement the unique project of fusion.

Both lecturers bring academic expertise and extensive industrial involvement to the task which, for us, is excellent as we benefit by learning not only the physics but some of the practical issues and challenges faced in the real world.”
Richard Blackett, Entrepeneur, UK