Fusion Crash Course?

Are you…

  • Professionally involved in fusion energy development?
  • Intrigued by the technological challenges of nuclear fusion?
  • Lacking the basic education in this field?

The Fusion Academy offers a three-day crash course in the science and technology of nuclear fusion. In collaboration with Eindhoven University of Technology, the Fusion Academy has developed a unique program adopted to professionals in the fusion research and development field.

For whom?

  • For engineers involved in ITER: learn how the physics and technology are entangled, acquire the required knowledge outside your expertise.
  • For managers or engineers in the fusion related industry: find out the opportunities for your company and obtain the required background.
  • For science journalists and scientific advisers: giving you the necessary background to judge all the claims made by the public and the scientists: progress, impact, radioactivity, costs, challenges, solutions and problems of the fusion endeavor.
  • For administrative and project staff in Fusion Research Centers or European Commission: to understand the motivation of your colleagues in the research or engineering, and get acquainted with the issues and terminology of fusion research.
  • For scientists from adjacent fields: interested in a career-switch? Experience the challenges of the fusion field!
  • For newcomers in the field: we provide you with a kick start in the new field.
  • For all others: learn about the fascinating world of fusion energy and the extremes of a fusion reactor: extreme in temperature, power, forces, material loads, complexity…

If you belong to one of the above categories, you will benefit from our fusion crash course! Each course will be tailored to the level of expertise and to the field of the participants.

You can read testimonials from previous participants to the course here.