Your Lecturers

The course is developed in collaboration with the group Science and Technology of Nuclear Fusion for the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e). This group, led by Prof. dr. Niek Lopes Cardozo, has setup a complete unique two-years master programme in this field and as such is experienced in fusion educational programmes.

Niek Lopes Cardozo

Moreover, Eindhoven university coordinated the FuseNet Project of the European Commission (see also: the FuseNet website), an initiative to coordinate fusion education in Europe. Following up on this programme, the university is host of the FuseNet Association, in which all major fusion research centers and academic institutions in the fusion field, more than 40 in total, are participating.

The main lecturer of the Fusion Academy is dr. Roger Jaspers, assisted by other members of the group and guest lecturers, depending on the topics on which the participants want to focus.

Roger Jaspers joined the Fusion group at the TU/e in May 2010 as an associate professor. Prior to that he led the FOM research group on fusion instrumentation development. He has been stationed at the TEXTOR tokamak in Jülich from 1993 to 2008 and has also carried out research at JET (Culham, UK) and several other international facilities. He is member of the FuseNet and ITER-NL executive boards.

Roger Jaspers

Roger is an expert in the field of spectroscopic diagnostization of ion processes in fusion plasmas (temperature, transport, flow, fast particles) and leading the scientific R&D of this technique for application on ITER. He authored over 90 scientific papers in peer reviewed journals, on topics ranging from relativistic electrons, energy transport in plasmas, rotation, magneto-hydro-dynamics, spectroscopy and instrumentation development. Presently he is the programme manager of the new Master programme in Fusion at the TU/e.

Jaap van der Laan

Jaap van der Laan is the fusion academy’s specialist on all nuclear & material aspects of fusion. Jaap’s track record concerns mostly nuclear technology development projects and programs in European and international contexts. He developed and managed a range of materials innovation and qualification projects and programs in support of ITER and fusion reactor technology development, like vessel, shield, plasma facing materials and breeding blankets. Similarly, he developed and managed various hot lab and materials test reactor projects for existing and innovative fission power plants. Presently he is working at the ITER Organization in Cadarache, coordinating the test blanket module activities.

Other guest lecturers can complement the academy, depending on the desired focus areas of the participants: each Fusion Academy is tailor-made.